31 Billioniare Cheat codes


Here is the last thing famous author Stephen Covey told me before he died when I asked him how to be like him . . .

“To make it big like I have, the most important thing is your platform. Cement your thought leadership into your own book and then leverage that book to springboard your way to other opportunities like speaking, training, consulting, products and the like.”

But what unique ideas could I share that anyone would care about?  

Well, there is one thing about me that people are continually intrigued with and want to know more.


The old saying goes, “It takes money to make money.” 

Ok, I guess that’s great if you have money. But what if you don’t? I grew up on a farm, son of a cowboy (says so on my birth certificate) and only knew a life of riding my horse every day to feed the cattle and grow crops on the farm. It was a lot of long hours, hard work for not a lot of money. It gave me a lot of motivation to NOT be a farmer/rancher when I grew up. But how do you go from a life on the farm to a life in the boardroom?

In 2006 New York Times writer Eve Tahmincioglu wrote a book called “from Sandbox to Corner Office”. In the book, she wrote about the rise of CEO’s who started working at a young age. The book has chapters on a dozen or so famous people such as 

  •  Matt Blank – CEO of Showtime Networks
  •  Christie Hefner – CEO of Playboy Enterprises
  •  Brian Gallagher – President of United Way
  •  Pernille Spiers-Lopez – President of IKEA North America
  •  Richard Parsons – CEO of Time Warner

And some guy named . . .

  • • Darl McBride – CEO of SCO 

So how did a rural ranch hand from southern Utah end up . . . 

In the fast lane of the high-tech world?  

On the cover of Fortune Magazine named as “Corporate Enemy No. 1”?he most 

Having Steve Jobs call me to talk about a business partnership?

Getting Bill Gates to hook me up with $50 Million?

On a list of Top 100 Irish American Business executives?

One of the top 25 computer executives in the world?

Working for, with and against the most powerful billionaires in the technology industry?

31 Billionaire Cheat Codes

I have worked closely with and around billionaires for a long time.

I have taken copious notes on what they do and how they operate. I’ve focused on the actions they take to create extreme success for themselves, their families and their companies. I have then compared and contrasted these actions to everyday people to try and understand the differences. What did I find through this analysis?

My findings were that billionaires have 31 things that they do much better than everyone else. They apply leverage to everything they do. You may think of leverage only as a financial tool. Billionaires take the power that is in financial leverage and apply it to most everything they do.  

Big difference between thousandaires and billionaires that I have learned first hand is leverage. Leverage is the superpower of billionaires. Leverage to a billionaire is like video game cheat codes to a millennial – it zooms you through the game and helps you beat your competition with a fraction of the effort.  

But can these Billionaire Cheat Codes be used by us normal folks? Not only can it work, it is critical to use these leverage cheat codes billionaires use if you want to get ahead. Learning and using Billionaire Cheat Codes wont turn you into an instant billionaire, there are only 2,385 of them in the world, but it can make your life a whole lot easier and maybe even add a decimal or a comma to your personal net worth. And, if you continually apply these 31 billionaire cheat codes in your life, who knows, maybe you will become the next Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg. Somebody is going to be the next billionaire, why not you? 31 Billionaire Cheat Codes aka The 3 Comma Code is available to everyone.  Billionaire Cheat Codes are blind to race, sex, age, religion, nationality, etc. The 3 Comma Code doesn’t care about any of that.  

  •  My first exposure to working closely with a billionaire was my boss at Novell, Ray Noorda. He dropped his life savings of only $250K into Novell as a startup when he was 63. Billionaire Cheat Codes helped him become a billionaire at 70.  

The 3 Comma Code doesn’t care about your age.

  •  Masa Son is former business partner who used these codes to leverage his way up to become the wealthiest person in Japan. Masa pulled this off even though he is Korean and grew up in Japan which is very “unfriendly” towards Koreans as a whole. Most Koreans living in Japan change their name to a Japanese name in order to not be discriminated against. Masa defiantly held on to his Korean name and heritage, flew directly into the storm of discrimination and won anyway. Becoming the wealthiest person in Japan happened to Masa because he is world class and using many of the Billionaire Cheat Codes. Again, leverage doesn’t care about discrimination.  

The Three Comma Code is color blind, it doesn’t care about your race.

  •  Of the many billionaires that I have interacted with, the two who have arguably profited the most from Billionaire Cheat Codes are Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. I worked closely with them (especially Ballmer) on $67 million worth of transactions that came into my previous company where I was the CEO. It was a real eye opener for me to see up close and personal how Gates and Ballmer applied Billionaire Cheat Codes to make billions of dollars by destroying Desktop Linux and preserve Microsoft’s monopoly power in the desktop operating system market.  

The 3 Comma Code doesn’t care if you are a college dropout like Bill Gates.

  •  Kylie Jenner was recently on the cover of Forbes Magazine as the youngest Billionaire ever at the amazing age of 20. She mastered a couple of the Billionaire Cheat Codes very quickly.  

The 3 Comma Code doesn’t care about your sex or if you were a teenager last year.

Life is short. The older you get, the more you realize this. You have a limited amount of time to make it rain during your lifetime. If you are a trust fund baby, then you don’t need Billionaire Cheat Codes. Go spend your not hard-earned money. If you are a billionaire, you have already figured out how the Billionaire Cheat Codes work. If you don’t think you have any control over the outcome of your life, well, you aren’t in the market for anything like this anyway. Go back to your zoo and wait for someone to feed you.  

You will like 31 Billionaire Cheat Codes if . . .

  •  You are a millennial and you want to become a millionaire or billionaire.
  •  You are older but your ship has yet to come in. 
  •  You don’t care so much about money but want you want a “Zero Zoos” life of independence. 
  •  You want to learn the secrets of super successful people.
  •  You have been royally screwed by someone in power and you need a plan of attack. 
  •  You have all the money you want but just want to hear a story of how a down-home-ranch-hand leveraged his way into the upper echelons of the tech industry.

You can move a thousand-pound piano by yourself by using the right set of levers and pulleys. You can also do much bigger things than you can imagine with your personal life or career by applying the 31 Billionaire Cheat Codes.

Billionaires don’t just accidentally become one, they catapult their way there. Like a pole vaulter. Humans can jump only 8 feet but when they use a pole and speed as leverage, that number can jump up to almost 20 feet.

The thing about life that is guaranteed is YOU WILL GET SCREWED! It may happen early, late or continuously but make no mistake, you will eventually get screwed by somebody. Royally F******.

When you get screwed, you basically have two options, be a victim or not. Many in the era of #metoo and sjw’s choose the victim path.  Although it may have a short-term positive effect, in the long run, taking control of a situation and building your own set of leverage cards is where the power for impactful, long term change is found.

One of the 31 cheat codes was taught and perfected by my good friend and mentor, the late Stephen Covey. The code of Choice. When faced with a problem, crisis or just an important decision, every human on earth has the power of choice. How you choose to react to your life circumstances will define what your obituary looks like when you check out. 

I personally made the choice to learn from billionaires and I’m glad I did. It changed the arc of my life from being another generation of farmers to running in the fast lane of the tech industry. I’ve learned a lot from the way these billionaire mentors, partners, friends and foes utilized leverage as cheat codes. Now I’m ready to share these codes with you.  

31 Billionaire Cheat Codes is a system that you can implement in your life to live smoother, overcome major setbacks and make more moolah. You could even become one of the world’s next billionaires.